1. Gigen Dole

    here’s a 100% free fashion inspired theme 🙂



  2. Andre

    Nasty stuff when this happens. But I’m curious how many people (by the numbers) are affected by this? Trying to think if there’s something I can do to help; the good thing is that there are a lot of options available from a variety of sources.


  3. Nirmal Kumar

    Oops! Things like this happen often. When a theme suits your website so much and all of a sudden you need to change it. That’s difficult. When so many people are loving your products, I guess Pipdig should take a stand, and make sure everything is fixed without losing its customers.


    • Bianca

      I guess Pipdig should take a stand, and make sure everything is fixed without losing its customers.

      Who do you mean by it’s customers? Hopefully not Pipdig. He had his chance on building a legit business, but chose a different path. However I agree that Pipdig should clean up his act instead of this uncooperative attitude.

      Trust arrives on foot, but leaves on horseback.


  4. Alex

    What special features does a fashion site require? In all fairness, most of these themes are simply using unique color tones and typography.

    Gutenberg has a few plugins that provide seamless gallery integration.


  5. Anh Tran

    We have a great collection of themes for fashion, personal or travel blogs at:


    They do have free versions on wordpress.org, so if you want to try it, you can install them from within the Dashboard.

    We’re committed to provide only safe, quality code.


  6. Robert DiSalvo

    I just stick with the Total theme it’s updated often over the years and I can do lots with it. I really don’t like when the author of a theme never updates it.

    The people that made Pipdig. Should be barred from doing anything with WordPress since they have betrayed the communities trust


  7. Tony

    I love the Jupiter theme and Artbees team. Great products and support. Would HIGHLY recommend



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