1. lamosty

    PhpStorm is the best PHP IDE. Pleasure reading WordPress source code in it.


  2. toddlahman

    If you’re a WordPress developer, and you’re not using PhpStorm, then you’re wasting a ton of development time. PhpStorm also makes JavaScript and CSS development fasterm not just PHP. It’s the best tool on the market hands down. I used to love Sublime Text, until I tried PhpStorm.


    • Jimmy Smutek

      Ditto that! I used Coda for years, and I still think Coda is a great tool. I never saw a reason to switch until I tried PHP Storm out of curiosity. Little things like being able to jump to the definition of a function or a variable end up being huge for me.

      If any one is interested, Jeffery Way has a great set of free videos on Laracasts that cover configuring PHP Storm to be more minimal in appearance, like Sublime.



    • Pat Hartl

      I use PhpStorm as my debugger (Only on Windows, shoutout to Codebug on Mac). Why just my debugger? It is unnecessarily bloated. Sublime Text is still one of the top dogs when it comes to text editing since it’s so like and performs well. If you want an IDE environment, then by all means use just PhpStorm. There are reasons not to use it, however.


  3. webmastergf38

    After 8 release of PHP storm that was a big step, here is the 9 version! I did not yet discover all the new functionalities since I installed it yesterday but those I have tested are just great. Definitively the best IDE!


  4. garthmortensen

    I know I’m going to be *that* person but…

    I still haven’t found anything better than my good ol’ vim. I can do all the syntax checking I need, etc. There are even vim plugins that provide WordPress support.


    I just don’t see a reason to switch when vim can do everything that I need.


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