1. Agra Photo

    Seems to be a great plugins to try, even my current theme has been designed for portfolio. Still woorth to try it though.
    And PhotoPress has a great historical view as well.


  2. Sachin Verma

    I would definitely like to use this plugin. It would be interesting to
    experience how this customize things like gallery style.


  3. Mona Taube

    Seems to be a very interesting plugin for us photographers. I guess we can be thankful such projects to express ourselfs and to show our passion are still out there. I’ll give it a try.


  4. photoMaldives

    Thanks Justin. I’ve just given this plugin a spin.

    On the plus side, it’s fast, with good options both in the main panel and within the block. Toggles are intuitive, and you can switch between the different gallery formats within the block itself (very useful).

    There’s a lot of potential here, but it still feels like a beta product, at least with my theme. One showstopper for me (and my theme) was the poor lightbox settings out of the box, with vertical images not fitting to screen, and horizontal images being displayed too small (strange, for such a photo-centric plugin).

    It might be usable with some themes, and for showcasing smaller images.
    Looking forward to trying this again in 6 months.


  5. Andrey

    WordPress already has so many plugins that many will not even notice the release of another one. I have compiled a top list of plugins for myself, which I use on each of my sites. The plugin from the article will probably be useful for photographers.


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