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  • #37 – Jonathan Wold on How Partnerships Might Help Your WordPress Business

    On the podcast today we have Jonathan Wold. Jonathan joined the WordPress community seventeen years ago, and he’s been here ever since. He likes to think about WordPress as an operating system for creating on the open web, and invests his time and energy into growing the WordPress ecosystem. With that in mind he gave a talk at the recent WordCamp Europe called “Growing in WordPress through partnerships”, in which he laid out his thoughts on how WordPress companies can enable greater growth by joining with other, like minded companies. Jonathan talks today about how strategic partnerships can, in some cases, make the job of selling a product easier and more rewarding. Are partnerships for everyone, or are they only for a subset of companies? How do you go about finding a partner and what are the ways that you can ensure that you’re working with the companies which offer the most benefit to you and your customers?

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