I flew solo for episode 35 while Keith cranked out some college work. In this episode, I interviewed Mark E. who is just about ready to release the first beta of his comprehensive WordPress Security plugin called Maximum Security. During our discussion, it was easy to see that this plugin (more…)

First off, BuddyPress is looking real good these days. Secondly, I’d like to thank Andy Peatling, head honcho for the BuddyPress project for stopping by and lending us an hour of his time to explain exactly what BuddyPress is and does. On December 15th, 2008 Andy released the first beta (more…)

On Thursday, December 18th, I had the honor of having a fireside chat so to speak with Matt Mullenweg. The chat lasted a little over two hours and then, Matt stayed around after the show for an additional two hours to field questions from anybody that asked them. There are (more…)

Due to some obligations which sprang up, Keith was unable to make it for this episode. So while schools, automakers, and banks ask for bailout packages, I had to do the same thing and you delivered. Special thanks to those who called in and turned what would have been a (more…)

Keith, Andrew, Jacob and I discussed the news of the week. In fact, I tried to break the world record by opening up as many cans of worms as possible within a 60 minute period. You’ll have to listen to the show to hear if I was successful. Stories Discussed: (more…)

Our special guest on Halloween night was Jane Wells of Automattic. On this episode, Keith, Jane and I discussed a wide assortment of topics and issues surrounding WordPress and usability. Here is a short list: The Definition Of Usability WordPress 2.7 And Usability The Usability Testing Centers/Environment How WordPress 2.7 (more…)

In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Keith and I dissect the news of the week. We discuss why commenter’s and bloggers should use Gravatar, our thoughts and opinions on the new 2.7 dashboard mock up, Akismet 2.2.1 with stats and much more. We try to solve a problem which was (more…)

In this action packed episode of WordPress Weekly, Keith and I dissect the news of the week. Jacob Santos was cool enough to call in to confirm that Andrew Rickmanns idea of placing a configure link inside of the plugin management panel would be included in the core. Also, he (more…)