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Oli Dale of WPLift, decided to leave comments open while having Akismet be the only anti-spam measure used. The result is 8,000 comments, most of which are spammy in nature. He sifted through 8,000 comments and published the results where he outlines the various techniques spammers are using to try (more…)

WordPress Cape Town to Host Charity Hackathon in August

WordPress Cape Town is the largest and most active meetup group in South Africa with members gathering for regular meetups, workshops and an annual WordCamp. The group is dedicated to giving back to the community and announced that they will be hosting their first charity hackathon on Saturday, August 23. (more…)

Add Avatar Upload to BuddyPress Registration

Getting users to upload avatars can be a challenge for BuddyPress communities. Avatars aren’t like profile fields where you can require users to complete them. The problem is that a community without many real-user avatars can be somewhat uninviting. Member directories and widgets end up looking grey and white and (more…)