1. Jeff Chandler

    This is a neat plugin. I think it’s cool that it will turn hashtags into WordPress tags and show the actual URL instead of the shortened t.co links. Would be cool if somehow, I could enable a tweet archiver on my WP.com site. Although I realize, archiving my tweets on a service is probably counter-intuitive to the original purpose of the plugin lol.


    • Ryan Hellyer

      You can do that with ITTT.com.

      And you could use an archiving tool like Ozh’s one to pull them into a local install, then export to XML, them import that to WordPress.com to get your old tweets uploaded as well.

      ITTT.com doesn’t handle tags, so I ended up writing a short script to handle that for me. I don’t have it automated yet though, so I have to go manually run it sporadically. ITTT.com also adds it’s own tag for itself, so I have to remove those too (via the same script I use to generate the other tags).


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    Unfortunately it doesn’t backup the complete set going back to the beginning if your account is too old or you have too many tweets (or at least that’s how it worked last time I used it).

    I ended up writing a custom script to handle the really old tweets.

    For new tweets I use ITTT.com to send the tweets to WordPress. It works really well.

    I put my tweets on a subdomain of my main site:

    It’s really handy having them sitting there. I like that I can see the tags and the WordPress search facility is much better than anything within Twitter itself. It also means I have a backup, should Twitter go belly up, or lose data etc.

    Another unexpected benefit, is that I actually get traffic from it. Google seems to preferentially send traffic my way instead of to Twitter itself sometimes.


  3. Ryan Hellyer

    I also have an archive for Facebook … http://facebook.ryanhellyer.net/

    I have never found a reliable way to do that in an automated fashion though. I had to export my data manually from Facebook, then wrote a script to convert all that stuff into WordPress posts.

    I have a vague plan of running that once per year, but it would be nice to automate the process.

    This also doesn’t pull in peoples comments and it misses a lot of posts which weren’t added directly via the Facebook interface :/ Basically, it’s a bit crappy, and I’d like something which could pull in all my Facebook activity in it’s entirety.


  4. Ryan Hellyer

    One more thing … http://tweets.ryanhellyer.net/archive/

    I added that via a plugin from Kaspars Dambis

    It’s a nice way to get stats about your Twitter activities.


  5. Chip Bennett

    Neat Plugin! I’d use it, but a couple questions/concerns first:

    1. Why does it have to be used on a new/clean WordPress install? What if I want my Tweets to be part of the flow of the rest of my main content?

    2. Why not post format support? (This is a fatal shortcoming for me.) I wonder if Ozh would accept a patch to implement post format support. To me, this is a no-brainer: Tweets are perfectly suited to the “status” post format, and supporting post formats would provide excellent integration with Themes that design in support for post formats.


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