1. Tiyo Kamtiyono

    Sad that the app is not yet on Android, and after reading 70% or more of this post, I still can’t really understand how the app really works, looks like it has common function with pressgram by John Saddington (to own the content).

    How about a toturial to use it, nice update though, thanks Sarah :)


    • Sarah Gooding

      You can read the plugin’s instructions to find out how to use it. Basically it lets you share stuff from your phone to multiple social networks, including your own website. It’s different from Pressgram, for sure, because it doesn’t provide a social network or store your data on 3rd party servers.


      • Tiyo Kamtiyono

        Basically, it can help us creating quick post to our site and social profiles, then promote it on our social media account, right?

        Pardon me, I don’t have any iOS devices so it said “Without the companion app, this plugin won’t serve much purpose.” maybe that’s what causing me to confusion.

        Thanks for the quick reply, but may be you don’t need to explain it more until I have one iOS devices Sarah :lol:


  2. Jason Murphy

    At first I thought this could already be done using the WordPress app for updates and activating the Publicize feature within JetPack for auto-sharing to social networks.

    After looking closer it appears that it aggregates your social content and feeds it to WordPress.


    • Kyle Newsome

      Hey Jason, one of the key differences, I believe, would be that the normal WordPress app will create a standard Post for you. This plugin creates completely separate tables for storing your social content which means that they can be directly embedded into blog posts using short codes.

      The plugin itself does no social sharing for you. It just makes your website communicate like a personal social network so it can receive content from the app.


    • Tomas M.

      From the article one might understand it both ways :-/

      “Since many people are already putting quite a bit of effort into updating their social networks, Postcard gives you a way to broadcast to all of them while passing the resulting traffic on to your own website.”

      Looks like it takes content from the social networks and makes a copy of it in your WP, but…

      “The plugin creates shareable permalinks attached to the messages that you share to Facebook, Twitter and other networks.”

      Looks like the primary source of info is phone, then it passes info to WP and feeds WP links to social sites.


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