1. Scott

    Re: “the official WordPress YouTube channel doesn’t have much educational content for beginners.”

    Isn’t this proof enough that WordPress does not care about beginners?

    That’s because they know WordPress is too complicated and too high maintenance for non-web professionals.

    Then why do so many WordPress professionals waste so much of their limited time trying to convince non-web professionals to take on WordPress?

    Doesn’t it make more sense to focus on trying to convince WordPress to make WordPress more user-friendly etc?


    • Thabo Tswana

      Hi Scott,

      I beg to differ with you. I think that out of all content management system (CMS) software on the market, WordPress has the biggest and most active community. I am a self-taught WordPress user and I learned a lot simply by using the vast amount of resources that the WordPress Community has to offer (WordPress.org in particular).

      There is a reason why WordPress is the most widely-used and fastest-growing CMS. In my opinion, it’s the most user-friendly.


  2. Thabo Tswana

    Good work, Topher! :-)


  3. Sarah

    Thank you @OSTraining & @Godaddy that provide the best Videos training.


  4. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Great News Thanks for the update. It will definitely help new comers to learn more about WordPress.


  5. Topher

    Thanks Thabo. :)


  6. sagir42

    I have finished this tutorial series twice. it’s so helpful and easy to learn for beginner like me.
    Thank Topher !


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