1. Elisa

    That is great incentive. I would contribute but am still getting accustomed to using Gutenberg on my client sites. I’m a late adopter and recently discovered with a pattern I had used that there doesn’t appear to be any ‘mobile’ css included in block patterns. Is that the future or will there be a way to include that in the wp-admin?


    • Justin Tadlock

      Patterns are just groups of blocks, and core blocks in this case. So, the responsiveness is either handled by core/Gutenberg or the stylesheet of whatever theme the user has installed. The responsive handling could vary wildly between different themes. It really just depends.

      But, you really can’t attach CSS to a pattern, only to the blocks themselves.

      I would recommend building patterns when using Twenty Twenty-One, which gives everyone a common starting point. There are some definite limitations on that in comparison to building along with a custom theme.


  2. Brian Gardner

    “Many of these patterns rely on custom block styles, so they are not suitable for the directory. However, I have several that are general enough for submission.”
    . . .

    I am very much in the same boat, and like you, I want to pay things forward when/where I can. That said, I am quite interested in cleaning up some of the patterns I have already designed and submit them for review.


  3. David Morgan

    I’m in the same boat as Justin and Brian, having created patterns that mostly rely on our custom Blocks Bundle.

    However, I’m in the process of adding core block patterns to our collection of free themes in WP.org directory. And I would love to submit those to the community when they’re ready, which should be soon. Having played with patterns a lot recently, I’m really excited to see this directory. I think patterns and FSE are finally going to transform WordPress into the website builder we’ve always hoped for.

    Thanks for sharing Justin!


  4. Daniel Schutzsmith

    This was very helpful! I’ve put together a step by step process on how people can contribute, even if they’re not familiar with Github and that process. https://twitter.com/schutzsmith/status/1404145877858533382?s=21


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