1. Dumitru Brinzan
    · Reply

    Couldn’t these publications have achieved the same result with a decent magazine theme and proper hosting?

    What exactly are the benefits of going this route instead of the traditional one?


  2. Steve Beatty
    · Reply

    Hi Dumitru,

    Newspack is a lot more than a theme. We’ve identified the best plugins to serve news publishers, saving them the time and uncertainty of building something from scratch. It offers built-in features to easily:
    * raise reader revenue with donations or subscriptions through audience segmentation;
    * make and target overlay and inline calls to action;
    * integrate and place ads;
    * author newsletters in a flash with major services (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc) without leaving Newspack; and
    * create a variety of listings, which can be monetized.

    And that doesn’t even get into the incredible flexibility for creating pages and posts, or the speed that comes with Newspack’s AMP-first development.

    We’ve also created rich community of like-minded community publishers, all helping to solve their common problems and bringing a variety of perspectives that help guide Newspack’s continuing development. They benefit from each other’s insights, our continued R&D of news-publishing best practices, and our regular training sessions featuring subject-matter experts.

    I’d be happy to show you around Newspack at your convenience.

    Steve Beatty, Newspack


    • Lukasz
      · Reply

      I’m not in the news business, but this theme is very nice and clean. I have been looking through it, excellent documentation and tips on how to make your website standout and be the best it can.

      There is a genuine organized effort here to really help out the news outlets. WP taverns next redesign can even use this service haha!

      I’m also looking into how I can use this theme for my own purposes.


  3. Linus Rees
    · Reply

    Dimitru. You can also use a version of Newspack on your desktop server, or your paid-for hosted site – using the Newspack Theme [https://github.com/Automattic/newspack-theme] and Newspack plugin [https://github.com/Automattic/newspack-plugin]. Give it a try. It won’t cost you anything but time.

    Our news site – which covers just one small neighbourhood in London – uses Newspack hosted on a WordPress.com business plan. I only started using it a month ago, so I’m still getting used to it having upgraded from a basic wp.com plan. We have no plans at the moment to monetize it (doubt we ever will as we are too small).


  4. Miroslav Glavic
    · Reply

    With the Newspaper theme or Sahifa theme………even some of the newspaper themes in the wordpress.org/themes area…..and some plugins. You can do what newspack does. Mostly for free.

    This coming from a person that manages 91 news/media related sites in a few continents, in 7 languages. (Me by the way)


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