1. Abhinav Kashyap

    Another ‘Class’ from WordPress guys, can’t wait to get it on my blog.

    Thanks Sarah !


  2. David A. Kennedy

    Thanks for the article, Sarah! :)

    One part isn’t exactly correct, and may cause confusion:

    It includes support for uploading a custom logo and SVG icons, which Kennedy notes is a first for a default theme.

    It includes support for custom logos. And uses SVG icons for things like the social links menu and in other areas of the theme, but you can’t upload SVG logos in WordPress. Yet.


  3. Tada Burke

    Great work! Not sure if this is intended, but if “Static Front Page” is “Your latest posts” then the “Panels” panels still show. Also, not sure if this has been addressed, but I think the “Panels” panels should be named “Slots” or “Static Page Slot” or “Showcase #1” or similar. Custo already uses “Panels.” Just nitpicking :D


  4. Fatima

    Ooh, very nice! I haven’t been this excited about a default theme since 2013.


  5. Thomas

    This looks like it’s going to be a very interesting theme, especially with those panels…now those look sexy!!!

    Can’t wait for the release.


  6. Alex Denning

    Looks like one of the most exciting default themes for a couple of years! Excited to see what mainstream reaction is and how people use it.


  7. Aaron Van Noy

    That is the nicest default theme that has ever been made! Fades to dark for the parallax background images. With lots of simple customizable options for the non-pros. This is what WP should be shooting forever time!
    I’m having to come up with a mobile fix for Twenty Fifteen right now because that theme was so bad (not centered, left bar thrown at the bottom, etc).


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