1. Jacob Peattie

    Oh hey, my plugin’s on WP Tavern! Thanks Jeff!

    I think you’ve definitely hit the nail on the head regarding not completely relying on cognitive services, but I hope at the very least this plugin helps people think more about using alt text in a way that’s helpful to low vision users, and I’m glad that you were able to get some accurate descriptions.

    Regarding adding text to existing images in the media library, that’s definitely something I want to tackle in future versions. At first this will probably take the form of a button on individual images to receive alt text. Regarding bulk updating previous images, however, there are many challenges:

    1. What does the interface look like? Does the processing happen in the background?
    2. How do I process images without hitting request limits?
    3. Updating alt text in the Media Library won’t update images already added to posts/pages. How do I make this clear? Do I attempt to update content?

    As you can imagine, these are tricky problems, and a bit too much for a 1.0, but I’m game to tackle them in a future version.

    The very next version however, will be dedicated solely to fixing that “Confidence” typo on the settings screen :|.


  2. Ron

    There are so many images I want to “test” but I can’t possibly post the results of any of them here. :)


  3. Rene Hermenau

    > A black remote control sitting on a table

    Everyone sees that it is a red remote control XD


  4. Ivica Delic

    This one looks very good, and hopefully it will be much better in the future, we can expect this algorithm will “evolve” :-)

    However, in the meantime we have more simple system, but still very effective, in the form of this plugin, that can help us out while we wait for this “baby” to grow:


    • Amanda Rush

      Fortunately, there’s an even simpler way to add alternative text to your images. Manually add the appropriate text to the alternative text field when adding the image to your post. Humans will always be the best at determining the contents of an image, as well as determining how to describe that image’s contents. Despite all of this, I’m glad this plugin exists. Appropriate alternative text for images requiring it is probably the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to accessibility, and alternative text is probably the most neglected part of making a website accessible. I should go propose this as a feature project.


  5. jachetto

    Really nice plugin. Unfortunately atm it support only english. It’s not the best for my Italian website.


  6. paolo

    Yeah I wish it’d be multilingual too


  7. Amanda Rush

    thanks, Adrian, for the slight adjustment to my statement.


  8. Christopher Phillips

    In the short-term where the results are less accurate that what a human might provide there is a risk of people relying on this type of technology and discounting the need for human intervention.

    While an AI may never be as good as someone highly skilled at writing alt-text I believe that it will one day be as good or better than the average human.


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