1. Boone B. Gorges

    Thanks for the post, Sarah. Just one additional note: Josh’s tool, and really the whole shared/split terms discussion, is aimed at developers. WordPress users do not, and should not, need to worry about this at all. The onus is primarily on plugin authors to do the necessary cleanup. The main purpose I see for Josh’s plugin is for developers who have built custom sites to see whether they even need to bother dealing with shared terms on those custom sites.


    • Sarah Gooding

      Boone – I agree that it’s definitely more for developers. But then I think about some users who have a bunch of commercial plugins installed where the plugin author isn’t very tuned in to keeping up with WP core development and who may not be updating with taxonomy term splitting in mind. I thought maybe regular users might help raise awareness with plugin devs who are tuned out. Even if it’s simply by bugging them to say, “Hey is this going to be compatible with 4.2 taxonomy changes?” :)


  2. Rami

    Handy tool! Sarah, thanks for sharing.


  3. Shapeshifter 3

    I think this information IS useful for end users for the reason that some developers may bail out of supporting an aged plugin and won’t leave any way to contact them. I posted this to WordPress.org several hours ago but thought I might get a quicker answer here:

    I started using this now unavailable plugin over 3 years ago:
    https://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-wp-render-blogroll-links-custom-order .

    It created Term ID numbers which it used to maintain Categories of Links.
    With it , I also used these two additional plugins:

    After uninstalling ALL 3 of the above plugins from my main site, I ran this search plugin I learned about on WP Tavern: https://github.com/jjeaton/wp-find-shared-terms . It informs me that I have mixtures of the following:

    Term Taxonomy ID=126, Term ID=20, Name=All, Taxonomy=Link Categories, Number of Posts=0

    Term Taxonomy ID=20, Term ID=20, Name=All, Taxonomy=Categories, Number of Posts=0

    I believer that the Hierarchical Link Categories create the “All” name back some time ago, and I can’t seem to get rid of it. Also, I believe that somewhere in my Database is a list of ID Numbers created by the WP Render Blogroll Links plugin which is now deleted. How do I find any possibly hidden list of Category Term ID numbers in my Database so I can delete them all individually (am I correct that this might be the reason I still have an “All” name?

    (Additional Information: I have created NO Posts on my main site…I use it for a display of only Pages and Links.)


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