New Plugin Batch Deletes WordPress Comment Spam Without Killing Your Server

Once in awhile a WordPress site gets left to the wolves and becomes overrun by spam comments. Perhaps you set up an installation and forgot to install Akismet or some other spam-blocking plugin. If you neglected your site for a significant length of time, it’s likely that you’ll return to hundreds, if not thousands, of spam comments.

The problem is that servers tend to crap out on you when you attempt to batch delete that many WordPress comments at once. Pippin Williamson just released a new plugin that helps to tackle this problem.

Batch Comment Spam Deletion works by modifying the the “Empty Spam” action in WordPress to process the spam deletion in batches instead of all at once.


With this plugin in place, you’ll be able to delete hundreds of thousands of spam comments at once without killing your server. The plugin keeps you in the loop with status updates as it processes batches of spam:


I tested Batch Comment Spam Deletion and it breezed through deleting nearly 800 spam comments with no issues. Another user reports having deleted 18,500 spam comments on the first run. Although this is a relatively new plugin, you can bet that it’s rock solid. Its creator, Pippin Williamson, is also the author of the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin and 54 other free plugins hosted on

If you need to do some serious housekeeping in your comments, install Batch Comment Spam Deletion before eradicating your spam problem. Your server will thank you. You can set the clean-up process to run and come back later to zero spam comments. This beats spending hours trying to manually process thousands of batches of spam.


  1. Thanks Sarah for advising on this new plugin.




  2. This seems like something suitable for core. I deleted about 20,000 the other day and had to take three stabs at the empty spam button just to delete them all (it didn’t take down the server, but it did time out after ~8000 spam were deleted).


  3. Very useful. I usually kill all my spam comments directly on the database with a SQL sentence like: DELETE FROM wp_comments where comment_approved=’spam’ OR comment_approved=’trash’ but this is clearly a safer option for most people :-)


    1. Keep in mind that doing it that way won’t delete any meta data associated with the spam comments.


  4. I needed this 2 days ago! I spent all day clicking empty spam and waiting for it to time out, at least 30,000 spam comments are gone.


    1. Some people may want to manually review their spam queue though, so automatic removal may not be optimal for them.


  5. good plugin I’ll try it to automate the deletion of comment spam on my blog


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