1. Andor Nagy

    Cool! Soon WordPress will become an all in one, hehe. Website platform, code editor etc. :D


  2. swashata

    The dark theme looks just like my sublime… I gave it a try and really liked it. But still, I would prefer a desktop based development environment. It is not just about writing code, but version control system, backups, collaborative development and much more. But yes, for people looking for a simple way to add some small functionality by say, dropping a snippet on their theme’s functions.php, this is definitely the way to go :)


  3. Piet

    Although I understand the frustrations people (myself included) have with the current WP Code Editor, I think it “protects” people from editing on a live site. There are so many things that can go wrong doing live editing which can bring the entire site to a screeching halt. It is much safer to do the editing offline.


  4. Luke Pettway

    Would this be able to support versioning? This is almost like FTP commando but worse! I guess for someone who knows what they are doing and just needs a simple tweak, or for something relatively easy to edit for the basic end-user, this has it’s advantages.

    I’ve just never felt comfortable editing files on a live site that could potentially break it and cause disruption to the end user, that seems like bad practice to me.


  5. Eric Johnson (@wormeyman)

    I’ve used WP Editor in the past http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-editor/ and found it quite useful if not buggy, It seems to break every WordPress update and it uses codemirror.


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