1. Brandon Kraft

    Thanks for noticing the update and reporting on it!

    The initial status check isn’t very descriptive regarding critical errors, but these error messages can be improved in future iterations so users know how to get to a page with more information.

    This depends on exactly what’s wrong. Some errors will be more descriptive, as seen here:

    2019 05 08 at 13 34

    But, we’re definitely going to iterate with inline action links, detecting more issues within the plugin (vs relying on the jetpack.com debug and internal tools) for critical issues and offering recommendations, when appropriate.


  2. Sam

    Recently I had an issue of extreme usage of RAM by Jetpack plugin. I am a huge fan of it. But due to too much pressure on server, I had to delete it. Now I think time is here to get it back on my list of plugins. As it is going to give me more options first hand. Hopefully my previous experience will note be repeated. Will update Ya about my reinstalling adventure.


    • Jeremy

      If you ever run into issues, don’t hesitate to contact us directly; we’re there to help you figure things out and fix any problems that may come up!


  3. Noreena Almas

    We can also keep tracking number of visits on our blog by using JetPack. Very useful and if I’m not wrong Compulsory plugin these days.


  4. Artur Piszek

    In case anyone stumbles here, interested in this feature, we are collecting signups to get some feedback on the beta version:


    We are really excited and hope we can get this functionality feature in interesting directions in the future.


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