1. Li-An

    I like the concept as I write all my content in Markdown. But for free, you can install withExEditor extension in your favorite browser and so you write your content in your favorite editor and it’s saved automatically in your edition field (works with Gutenberg last time I tried, except footernotes).

    Thanks for the discovering, I will follow the plugin but it’s a little too expensive I think. In a real Markdown editor (Markdown Edit, Caret…) you have Markdown code autocompletion and other useful features Iceberg won’t be able to embark. So I’m not sure it’s the ultimate solution for Markdown lovers.

    Strange : when you transform to bold in Iceberg’s demo, it shows italic.


  2. Phil Johnston

    Love this. With all of the amazing publishing experiences coming out, I wonder if it’s time for WP to include the concept of “Editors”. Like an official registry of installed Editors.

    A flow might be:

    Click “Add new post”
    Choose your editor (Gutenberg, Elementor, Iceberg, etc)
    Write and publish.
    Future edits remember the editor used for that post.

    You could then use Gutenberg for one post, Iceberg for another, Classic Editor for another, Divi for another, Elementor for another, and so on.

    Each editor has its own strengths, and giving people the power to pick the right tool for the right job might be awesome.


  3. Aris Kuckovic

    I absolutely love this!
    I’m still 50/50 on the love/hate towards Gutenberg – but if this is omething I can use with Gutenberg, I’m sure the scale will tip towards loving it!


  4. Christian DENAT

    For me, an editor is an app similar to those already existing on Android/iOS. Existing APIs, the core REST API or the graphQL through WPGraphQL, already exist and are used to make the glu between any app (editor or other) and WordPress. So IMO, no needs ro another API… Having a new editor is “just” matter of developements without changes to the core ans no need of new API.

    The second point is about blogging vs custom post type management/dedicated “metaboxes”…

    With the core editor, the users could have a consistent UX between both.
    And it should be the same for any “external” editor IMO.

    Having the choice between différents editors could be a good thing for a blogger user profile but not sure it will be the case in a real CMS usage.


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