1. Clayton

    This is awesome. Thanks to Jason for the hard work of pushing this project to where it is today. He is a great advocate of this ecosystem and is available on Slack to help people get setup on a headless Gatsby site. Keep up the great work!



    That’s really cool stuff, must try this.
    Thanks for the amazing update.


  3. Dominique Pijnenburg

    This sounds great. I did some tests with Gatsby and I really disliked the rebuilding process. I understand that with v4 the rebuilding still needs to be done, but it’s good to know that the process length is something that is being worked on.


  4. Dominique Pijnenburg

    Does this only work with the Gatsby Cloud service (and not Vercel, per example)? I understand that Gatsby needs to generate money, but ‘hosting’ of clients’ sites gets much costlier this way.


    • Jason


      You should be able to use Gatsby Source WordPress v4 anywhere you use Gatsby.

      Gatsby Cloud is the only platform that’s fully dedicated to the Gatsby Experience, so while you can use Gatsby on Vercel, Netlify, or other similar services, some features like Incremental Builds and Preview will likely not work on other build services, because they don’t have the infrastructure setup to support these features.

      We’re always working on making Gatsby builds run faster on ALL platforms, but Gatsby Cloud has a lot that it can do to speed things up further that only a dedicated platform can deliver.


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