1. Jeff Matson

    Chris has put a TON of work into this and both the concept and execution are incredible. Great work, Chris!


  2. Joe

    Didn’t even think of the connotation until I read this post.

    Some people need to just get over things and/or get their minds out of the gutter.


  3. Michael

    This sounds like an awesome plugin. And the people that are offended by the name of his business are what are known as “easily-offended people.” There’s nothing you can do about them, so good for him for sticking to his guns.


  4. Bowe Frankema

    This is absolutely amazing! I can’t tell you how incredibly useful this is for both developers and average users. I’ve just installed the plugin and it’s incredibly powerful yet easy to customise. It’s trivial to filter the hook so that it only shows the ones that are useful for your needs.


  5. Jami

    This plugin looks super useful!

    As for the name, when I didn’t know what the plugin was, it did come off as a little suspect but then I was like, “Oh hey, it reveals the HOOKS and filters on the page”. Makes total sense. Haters gonna hate. :)

    Go forth and be awesome, Chris!


  6. Manuel

    Definitely a good tool for intermediate users. And definitely a good name– you will never be able to staisfy everyone, so kudos on keeping it.


  7. Ed

    Hookr is an awesome name. It is catchy, memorable and fun/funny – win, win, win. If someone is offended by that name then they need to lighten up. A very, very similar comparison would be Hooters. ;)


  8. Murray

    Donald Trump.. ;)


  9. explodybits

    Thank you all for your support– you are exactly why I built the site.


    • Michael Davis

      Great plugin! I’m confused why it doesn’t default to being visible only to admins and that there’s not even a way to make it so without a small hack. All the sites I was excited to use this with are live and even when I disabled each public item, it breaks the theme.

      I really do like it, but I have to ask about the obvious elephant in the room.


  10. David

    Simply put, their opinions mean nothing to me.

    Talk about being arrogant.. after that comment, I stay clear of that plugin. I don’t mind the name, it’s funny, but your attitude doesn’t speak of professionalism.

    Besides that it sounds like your understanding of business is lacking. Non-subscribers are still potential missed customers & present a possible influence on your reputation.
    Good for you that more people seem not to care atm, but how many potential customers & valuable connections have you lost?


    • explodybits


      Speaking in context of the name change, the individuals referenced in the article are not, nor will ever be potential users of http://hookr.io. They have been outwardly vocal against the resource to the masses due to the name, with absolutely no objectivity regarding it’s value.

      Choosing to focus on actual users, while ignoring haters is not arrogance– I’m sorry you have perceived this differently. I encourage you to give the resource & plugin a try… You may find them both extremely helpful. If not, that’s fine too– it’s your prerogative, of course.


    • Murdoch

      David: In fact it speaks precisely of professionalism. Although Chris didn’t specify, what he was doing was qualifying – and that’s a critical element in marketing anything. Sure, it’s not an exact science and he may well have lost one or two that overlap in the fields “potential customers” and “narrow-minded humourless” but I’d judge he’s likely to gain many more outside the second category. In any case, anyone who spends time agonising over not pissing off any potential customers whatever has far too much time on his or her hands and is likely to suffer the fate of Balaam’s ass and starve to death.


  11. Eric

    Fantastic plugin. I just wished there was an option to display it only for logged in admins. This would help troubleshoot live sites without freaking out visitors.


  12. Edward Caissie

    Really nicely done plugin with definite potential going forward. I downloaded it and installed locally for testing and review purposes … tl;dr – is there anywhere we can leave feedback?


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