1. DerpPress

    It’s hard to click the update button when you’re busy making the douchiest site on the web


  2. Robin

    He couldn’t afford a .com domain name?


    • F.

      Apparently couldn’t afford decent hosting or bandwidth either–the site is down right now.


      • Victor

        It’s still down! I was just going to check out the UX but instead I got to see their exquisite “Error 502 Bad Gateway” page. That one must have take years to implement.

        I must say, it would be terrible if you were one of those folks trying to get on the website this last week. 9 stacks, out the window. I’m sure there are worse places to put your money.


  3. ennuiverse

    Saw this on VICE and nearly died laughing. It reminds me of way too many clients I’ve had – big grand visions of the Next Big Thing with a budget the size of a shoebox. I could build this site in a week for less than half the price of a single $9000 membership and that’s assuming it has some level of custom coding outside of plugins and theme configuration.


  4. Peter

    As soon as I saw this on Engadget, I went to the site and looked at the tour page and instantly recognized BuddyPress. Then I came here to send you guys an email about and lo and behold you already beat me to it!


  5. Caspar Hübinger

    Please understand that Netropolitan is NOT a concierge service. Our Member Service Associates will not book you a charter jet, or find you tickets to a sold-out Broadway show. They exist solely to help members technically navigate and find their way around the social club.
    Now, if you can find a member to help you book a charter jet or tickets to a Broadway show, well… that’s exactly the reason our club exists. Welcome to Netropolitan!


    Frankly, I think the idea is brilliant and I’m very grateful a place like this finally does exist. I mean, would you want to be approached on Twitter, FB or G+ to book a private jet for someone you don’t even know? I honestly wouldn’t know what to do, so yay Netropolitan! :)

    (Edit @mod: It looks like <cite> inside a <blockquote> isn’t supported. Are we going elite as well a little? ;))


  6. Branson Werner

    Gotta give the guy props for actually creating and launching. It’s a unique business model that has garnered some attention for the WordPress community.


  7. Tom Ford

    At least they chose BP, but they are going to see issues. Am I allowed to say Gay it Up on here?


  8. Ciprian

    It seems to be down now. Does the site have any members?


  9. Michael

    Seems like they’re good at marketing, certainly, because I’ve seen it mentioned in a few places. But the actual site is a joke. It looks thrown together, which it was. It’s been intermittently available, which means they didn’t scale up the server power in anticipation of the traffic that their marketing would bring. And it doesn’t seem to fulfill a need — with rich-only dating sites, for example, there’s a clear purpose. I can’t imagine who would bother joining. My guess is, the site will quietly disappear within two months.


    • Chris English

      but heck… if he can get one or two people to join his ROI will be incredible. lmao.


    • Robin

      There is an existing and seemingly successful site that caters to this exact niche that has been operating for 2+ years called asmallworld – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASmallWorld

      In marketing it isn’t just enough to get attention, you need to get the right kind of attention. Articles writing about netropolitan which are read by plebs won’t really help them at all. Neither will the fact that the site is down and was cobbled together in a few hours with no optimization or any real professional attention.


  10. Gabriel

    Powered by KLEO theme to be exact :)


  11. Joe

    $9000 per user per year and they can’t keep the site running?


  12. donnacha

    We WANT people to test out whacky ideas like this, it is all a wonderful experiment and we should be glad that WordPress allows these idiots/geniuses* to give it a shot for only the price of a cheap theme and $5 hosting – nobody loses their house!

    *Idiots if it doesn’t work, geniuses if it does :)


    • Jeff Chandler

      I thought the conclusion paragraph by Sarah sums it up rather well. That open source software enables people with wacky ideas to try them out on the world stage. Let the chips fall where they may but you don’t need a million bucks to try them out.

      P.S. Haven’t seen a comment from you in a long time, how have you been?


  13. andrewfielden

    I for one am not surprised that it took him two years to get to this point and I suspect that WordPress and it’s implementation had nothing to do with the length of time to market. Until a couple of months ago I was working for a Marketing Agency where we would do this type of site quite regularly for large corporates such as JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) and Mercedes. These could take a long time time from inception to delivery.

    The bulk of our time and therefore money was spent on working the idea through with the client, developing assets such as the general look and feel and specific images and content.

    Ultimately it would have to be turned into a site and quite frankly the client normally couldn’t care less if it was WordPress, Sitecore, Expression Engine, Drupal or whatever just as long as it delivered. That once the idea is out there as a developed site could be delivered by installing a single theme is irrelevant to the client.

    On the other hand that is has been delivered using WordPress is most certainly relevant to us and for me confirms the place that WordPress has as a platform for developing cost effective solutions.


  14. Chris Brandrick

    Still down!


  15. Mark Bailey

    This just in…still down!


  16. Nelson L

    It’s ALIVE!!!!


  17. Mark Bailey

    And, down again. (Redirect loop.)


  18. Sheila Smith

    i wonder why the netropolitan club is close?


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