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  1. Chris Aldrich

    This is pretty cool looking and reminds me a bit of the Micropub spec for posting to websites (including WordPress which has a plugin for supporting the spec). There are lots of available Micropub clients available for posting different kinds of content. The Santa Clarita WordCamp just posted a session on Micropub in the last few weeks on WordPress.tv.

    I’ve not tried it yet (though I’ve seen a demo), but the inimitable Grant Richmond has a Micropub client implementation called PostrChild using chat bots that will allow posting to WordPress using Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Slack.

    If Róbert Mészáros included a Micropub layer to his app, he’d have a larger universe of CMSes with support including Drupal, WithKnown, Craft, Jekyll, Kirby, Hugo, and Blot. I suspect that the Micropub is cleaner, easier, and more secure to implement than the older XML-RPC.


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