1. Christopher Price

    I’ll give Medium points for trying. But I don’t think this will work.


    • Richard

      By experimentation they will know if it work or not. If not they can always try something else. It’s kinda like split testing marketers do to see what works better than their current way of doing things.


  2. Kingsley Felix

    They should stick to cpc advertising like quora so large and medium/small publishers can advertise on the platform.

    They either look for a way to make better money or shutdown


  3. Tai

    I’ve personally never liked the Medium “platform.” The domain name sounded interesting when I first heard of it–then I read the articles and was like, “…eh, this place sucks.” I much prefer reading WordPress blogs owned and operated by the people or podcasts for the people. #AggregationAggravation


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