1. eyecool

    Great write up. Thanks!


  2. James

    Very cool Jeff.
    I’m editing that video I shot of Matt’s keynote and will have it on THE Tech Scoop (http://www.thetechscoop.net) in the next few hours.

    It was great being on your show today as well.


  3. Jeffro

    @James – Let me know when it’s online so I can link to it. Couldn’t pass up the awesome stream they had going :) Will you be able to call in next week from home to talk about your over all experience at the event? I hope to get others to call in as well.


  4. _ck_

    Let’s be clear: bbPress was a perfectly fine product with 0.9 – it is a fairly efficient forum framework.

    Matt can only blame himself for changing course and steering it in the wrong direction with 1.0 – massively bloating the code by having it converted to use “backPress”.

    But then backPress was never folded back into WordPress so the whole extreme effort became pointless. bbPress was left bloated and broke many existing plugins, resetting the whole community’s progress.

    bbPress will never work as designed as a plugin for WordPress because the WordPress plugin structure has become far too outdated and inefficient. You can’t have a competitive forum product with over a megabyte of code loading and several dozen queries for every page render. This is why existing forum plugins for WordPress are not popular.

    But bbPress 0.9 by itself works wonderfully as a standalone or in pair with WordPress.

    Sam Bauers worked damn hard to make Matt’s bbPress 1.0 directive come true and it’s practically a crime that his work on bbPress.org 2.0 will never see the light of day because it was also a very fine effort that could have really grown and solidified the community.

    Automattic should not be a “one-hit wonder” with WordPress – bbPress 0.9 should have been finished as originally designed.


  5. hakre

    Thanks for the write-up.


  6. Syed Balkhi

    Very good overview Jeff. This certainly helps a lot. I was not able to attend unfortunately. I knew I could rely on wptavern for the missed info ;)


  7. cooljaz124

    WordPress rocks . Waiting for the complete video to be hosted somewhere.


  8. Dougal Campbell

    Wish I could have been there. Sounds like everybody had an awesome time, based on last night’s tweets! ;-)


  9. Matt

    @_ck_ — bbPress.org 2.0 is under way and should be live within a week or two — we kicked off the project after we got the design source files from Sam.

    Forum plugins for WP are popular, and would be more so if they were as powerful as bbPress already is. With better integration with WordPress tens of millions of users will be one-click away from having a forum perfectly integrated with their design and user system.

    This is sort of possible today, but it’s too hard right now. Themes don’t really mesh. BuddyPress does some juggling to make integration easier but it has too much overhead.


  10. James

    Hey Jeff:
    I posted my full recap of WordCampSF 2010 over on THE Tech Scoop:


  11. Chip Bennett

    @Matt – Great to hear!

    bbPress integrates perfectly with my site. (Of course, I had to develop a custom theme in order to accomplish that integration, but what I learned about bbPress in that theme-development process more than made up for the time I invested.)

    I’m excited to hear of bbPress’ continued development!


  12. _ck_

    Wow, I see bbpress.org 2.0 was just made live today?

    Sam did an amazing job on that, very happy to see it in use.

    Thanks for making that happen Matt.

    ps. I am getting a blank page sometimes, especially when going into plugins section…


  13. Kate Mag

    Thank you. A good overview and insight.


  14. Milan

    @_ck_ – BackPress is not used by bbPress only: GlotPress and newly release SupportPress also use it. See my post on forum.


  15. Jeffro

    Props to those who live blog stuff, I found it difficult to do when listening to Matt. What I have written here is not word for word but it’s pretty close. You have to be a fast typer as well!


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