1. Doligo

    With my previous version Jquery always suffering from a security error, hopefully with this update fixed.


    • Scott

      Security issues with JQuery were already patched in core those testing tools were wrong because they only checked for the version number.


  2. Chris Leasmith

    Didn’t work for me, still lines & lines of php & script errors since 5.5 update with this installed.


  3. Stephen Vaughan

    Thanks Justin,

    Glad I spotted this article this morning. I ran into this issue with jQuery straight away on one of my first updates. A simple script, enqueued in my child theme, to set my header logo to inverse as the page scrolls, specifically for Firefox which has its own notions on these matters regarding the css option that other browsers seem to like. Such a simple thing meant some elements on certain pages just did not want to load. Initially I though it was some sort of clash between the new lazy load built in and some other plugin that was already doing this.

    When I activated Enable jQuery Migrate Helper all was well again but by all accounts it looks like there will be some work to be done or not. Not completely sure yet???


    • Justin Tadlock

      Yes, most likely that jQuery code will need to be updated. There is some time left before this is necessary, and the core team will likely be looking at numbers of themes/plugins that have updated their code and listening to feedback before they move forward with Stage 2 and 3. That’s why those are tentative dates at the moment.

      But, yes, definitely be looking for updated code if you’ve added it yourself to the child theme or talk to the child theme author if they added it.


      • Stephen Vaughan

        So after sweeping through all my sites I only found three instances (all my own additional snippets to do simple cosmetic things) where this was causing an issue. Curiously one of those snippets is used on two sites and only effects one of them?

        To me much of the code looks straight forward and I found the bare bones of it online recently so I am curious to know what to do with it to bring it up to date.

        I guess I have some homework to do!


  4. Steven Gliebe

    Just had a customer today update to 5.5 and experience an error from .live() being used by a plugin instead of .on(). The plugin is no longer maintained. I wonder how much of this is going on and what the impact of 5.6 will be with regard to abandoned plugins still in use.


    • Aris Kuckovic

      I’ve just been through this myself.
      We’ve had to update numerous plugins (on older sites, that is) – because they’re not maintained anymore – and the customer won’t let go of them.

      I get it – we need to move to more stable versions etc. – but I think it’s a harsh solution to just cut the cord. Not everyone was prepared for this.


  5. Pierre LeBaux

    This update will uncover a lot of abandoned or poorly maintained plugins/themes.


  6. José

    Your post helped me to fix my site, Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin does it. Otherwise it just keeps trying to load forever. I’m not quite sure I’ll used it tho. I rolled back to WP 5.4 and will stay there for a while, see if my theme and its plugins get updated. I installed a copy of my site as a test site, and will follow the development there. But thank you, you pointed a possible solution.


  7. Joe

    I’m a bit disappointed because they didn’t warn users before hand. I updated to 5.5 and had no idea of what was wrong. No warning message, no mention in the announcement post… had to find out about the plugin on a random page on wp dot org


  8. Nick Brown

    I am keeping certainly high hopes with this update. They earlier version kept giving me security error. I hope that’s been fixed. Just made the update on my websites. Shall update you here soon about the performance now.


  9. Herb Miller

    There is something seriously wrong with WordPress when a core update causes sites to require an additional plugin to resolve JavaScript issues which were not apparent in the previous version.

    I experienced this problem yesterday. I first noticed it when Media Library did not display any media. All that was displayed was the Add New button.

    I discovered that various problem could occur in the Dashboard.
    Appearance > Themes > Add New stopped working. And so did the Theme details button. I discovered these problems when the only plugins I had active were Gutenberg 8.7.1 and WordPress SEO 14.7. Deactivating either of them would resolve the issue.

    Installing the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin does resolve the issues. But I shouldn’t have had to have done this. Where were the “deprecated” messages of yesteryear?

    BTW: The active theme was Twenty Nineteen v1.6


  10. BBT

    Just awful. I use a plugin that is (yes) it’s not maintained anymore and no longer works. I needed to roll back to 5.4 to get my site working again. I can’t imagine the nightmare I would have had if I ran a major website with thousands of users. I’ll have to fix the plugin myself because it’s absolutely crucial to my site. It’s pretty bad that an auto update broke my site though.

    This is after the last major release of WordPress where wordpress started automatically creating additional very large size images. Did this without warning and even though there was supposedly a way to stop it. you couldn’t. The stop failed to work and still isn’t resolved. It was a serious problem for my site in more ways than one.

    All of this really makes me second guess my love for WordPress. I will be much more hesitant to use this as a platform for major websites.


    • Justin Tadlock

      WordPress 5.4.x did not automatically update to 5.5 unless you intentionally set it up to do so. You are also admittedly using an outdated and unmaintained plugin. The platform cannot support an old version of jQuery forever. Honestly, it should have gotten this change several versions ago. Your best bet is to stop by the WordPress support forums to see if anyone can help you find a replacement plugin with similar functionality.


  11. Horacio

    The biggest problem is for anybody like us. We spent $$$ having a custom template made that needs to be updated but we don’t want to spend more $$$ with the company that created it. So I am looking for a solution on how to update the template myself. No help has been found so far. We are pretty much screwed. The plugin they suggest is not a solution, only a band-aid.


  12. gggeek

    @horacio your problem is not unique – there is an maintenance cost involved in using any software application, esp. nowadays that the pace of change is crazy. Your choices basically boil down to: a) not upgrading and staying on old, unsupported version forever, b) try to minimize the customization of the platform when you set it up, so that upgrades are less painful, and c) pay another company to upgrade your pltaform.
    At least with open source, you generally get to choose the vendor for option C – with propietary and saas you are pretty much locked in…


  13. Dino R

    Hello guys, I am working on a blog/website WP based. And I know how insert hyperlinks and all that. Old ones work fine. All of a sudden I started being unable to post new ones. People in WP forum suggested this plugin and that fixed the problem with new hyperlink posts in post text. One things that remained unfixed is hyperlinks in call of action buttons, those don’t work. I use tag div theme and hyperlinks work on their end and they checked the theme, all is good. Hosting is all good and I tried it on several computers in my house, no luck. How do I fix call of action button hyperlinks ? Thanks


  14. Dino

    Help help help, so I installed that plugin that is supposed to help with new WP old WP migration and hyperlinks not working. That fixed the problem for an hour and now again when I try to insert a hyperlink It doesn’t work, What is going on ?


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