1. Li-An

    I am not a developer and I want to thank the ones who work hard to clean WP code. Most of the bad reviews I read about WP were relative to his code and I’m glad to read such news.


  2. M

    Tremendous work. Thank you Rarst.


  3. Tomas M.

    This definitely qualifies for the Yost prize entry.


  4. DJ Steve B

    Wow! So glad this was seen and so much work done sifting through these rabbit holes! Huge thanks!

    I was looking into doing something with timestamp related stuff just yesterday –

    Hoping to get some code put together that will basically:

    find post_last_modified_time, If post_last_modified_time less-than 12 hours ago, show post_featured_image, else show standard-too-late-image

    With the new api hooks in next release, I wonder if that kind of code would be best / easiest / fastest to execute using the unix machine time I am guessing?


    • Rarst

      Yep, the new `get_post_timestamp()` will easily give you a true Unix timestamp (it will have an argument for modified time) and comparing it to `time()` the difference in seconds.

      Still waiting for new functions to be scanned into documentation, will happen closer to WP 5.3 release. :)


  5. Sabina Ionescu

    Rarst spoke about his work at last year’s WordCamp Bucharest, it was one of the best talks I’ve seen https://2018.bucharest.wordcamp.org/session/wordpress-breaks-time-and-how-to-fix-it/

    Hats off for succeeding to fix the WordPress time!


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