1. Onur Oztaskiran

    I’ve been solely using Local for local WordPress development for about a year now (big fan), and just installed the Local Lightning to test it out.

    Well, it indeed is lightning. I’ll just wait for the stable release to port all my workflow to the lightning though.


    • Gregg Housh

      What do you use to move changes up to servers? I’ve always wondered what people were using to send differences up.


      • Onur Oztaskiran

        I have a VPS hosting service and my codebase is on Github. When I push changes to Github, my VPS server syncs with the Github.

        If I was using the Flywheel as a hosting service, syncing things would be even much easier with Local. I’m actually considering my hosting to them too.


      • Michael Wender

        After creating a site in Local, I hop onto the site via SSH, and setup Wordmore. Then I can do `wordmove push –all` or `wordmove pull –all` to sync with my server.

        NOTE: If you’ve never setup Wordmove inside Local before, I have a whole series of steps I work through to get RVM (Ruby Version Manager) working so I can `gem install wordmove`. However, I’ve codified that setup, so it’s a part of my process whenever I create a new site with Local.


  2. Bastian

    So, is Local a LAMP-type development environment now?


  3. Álvaro

    I’ve been using Local by Flywheel for a time now. I really love the easiness.

    I’m just sorry that this new version is no longer compatible with older versions of Mac OS X, like El Capitan (which is 4 years old!). If it’s compatible with Windows 7 (which is 10 years old!), Why isn’t it compatible with a newer Mac OS?!

    Unexpected and, for me, unfair to those who have older machines that are perfectly fit for development.


    • David

      If Microsoft no longer support Windows 7 (all be it security patches will stop Jan 2020) and Apple no longer support anything earlier then High Sierra – then why should developers offer official support for the platforms?


  4. Ray Katz

    I found Local to create GIANT invisible files eating up my hard disk space. For that reason, I moved away from it to MAMP. If this new version eliminates that problem (was it caused by Virtual Box?), then I might move back.


    • Ren

      From what I’ve experienced so far, LL is a huge improvement on LbF. Sure, they haven’t got all the features of LbF ported over yet, but I for one would find it hard to go back to using a VirtualBox version.

      It makes several things much easier when working in a distributed LAN environment and with multiple local sites (ie, when the server is on a different machine to the one you are working from).

      It’s definitely quicker and takes up less space. 🙂


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