1. Michael Cruse

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing the good news.


  2. Chris

    Good to hear that! We also started to offer it for our free customers.

    Lets encrypt SSL can also be auto renewed from cPanel also.


  3. Ozh

    “1.7M certificates for 3.8M websites”… Uh?


  4. Trevor Nelmes

    cPanel have confirmed that support for Let’s Encrypt will arrive in their product with the release of cPanel 58, in about 3 month’s time.


  5. Li-An

    I’ve heard that Automattic will propose it’s own SSL in a near future – not only for WP.com. Is it true ? If so, I suppose it will be easier for WP users to get SSL from Automattic.


  6. Eugene Kopich

    They simply answered my question, lol)


  7. Ahsan Parwez

    The Let’s Encrypt initiative is really great and certainly they are making the web a safer place. The only limitation is that certificates are just Domain Validated not above them.

    The adoption rate is high due to support from the sponsors and web hosting providers.

    The implementation of Let’s Encrypt was also easy, the auto renew process and not having to reissue and reconfigure it again on your domains takes a lot of hassle away. At Cloudways we have recently added it and response from clients has been superb.


  8. PasserBy

    Hey WPTavern, time to Let’s Encrypt your own website!


    • Jeff Chandler

      It’s a work in progress.


      • Terence

        I have been using it for a while now, along with Redis caching and PHP 7.x, and I have had no problems with all three.

        I host my sites an several VPS at DigitalOcean and Linode. EasyEngine makes it super easy to install ~

        wget -qO ee rt.cx/ee && sudo bash ee

        ee site create example.com –wpredis

        ee stack install –nginxmainline

        ee stack install –php7

        ee site update example.com –php7

        ee site update example.com –letsencrypt`

        And that’s it.

        Job done!


  9. Suanlian Tangpua

    Thanks for the Good News


  10. Matthew

    Let’s Encrypt is a great initiative. I have been using it on StackPress with php 7 and HTTP/2 enabled without issues.


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