1. Kyle B. Johnson

    Very excited about this and glad that there is support for Laravel and WordPress.


  2. Jon Brown

    This is pretty darn cool. Up and running in a couple minutes. Got xdebug running too. Seems snappier than VVV/HGV, maybe just because there isn’t an guest/host file system lag and certainly need to play more, but pretty excited by this.


  3. donnacha

    I’ve been using Valet, it’s terrific and, according to the creators speaking on today’s Laravel News podcast, there are a bunch of powerful new features coming shortly, along with a bunch of new integrations with other PHP apps.

    Be aware that Valet’s use of localhost overrides MAMP, DesktopServer, AMPPS or any other apps you might be using that display sites via localhost.


  4. Tada Burke

    Tested Homestead for a minute but kicked back to VVV. On Docker now and love it. Ditched MAMP 10 years ago. Valet taps native PHP on your Mac so it’s not contained? Hmm. Also, just watched the promo video totally dissing Vagrant. All the hater-bleeps they make (yawn) have been resolved OR they run crappy workflows #Unfunny. But it’s great to see so many Devs using Macs these days ;)


  5. Matt Radford

    Valet is pretty slick, but I’m having problems with 404s in wp-admin and 301s when using ngrok. I’ve tried writing a custom ValetDriver but no joy so far. Anyone else getting these issues?


  6. Paul Oaten

    I’m enjoying using Valet immensely. Definitely a breath of fresh air.

    I made a video about setting up a local WordPress development environment in seconds (or a couple of minutes tops) with Laravel Valet and a little bit of bash scripting with WP-CLI.

    Hope it might help someone: here’s the link.


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