1. Chris Wallace

    We’ve been updating the UpThemes Framework over the past 6 months to work beautifully with the customizer. In fact, in our newer themes, we stopped offering a theme options page altogether! I definitely love this approach and think it is the way of the future.


  2. Joan Boluda

    Oh, that’s a nice idea. I never thought about that possibility. I wonder if theme developers will adopt it.


  3. Srikanth

    As a theme developer, I looked very hard for ready to use solutions like this but did not find any, so started building my own, But this may save me some time especially since it can be embedded in the theme itself.


  4. Aristeides Stathopoulos (aristath)

    Thank you Sarah for featuring this plugin here!

    We wanted to make this as easy as possible and this is still a work in progress.
    The plugin itself is functional and easy to use, any bugfixes and commits are welcomed on its github repository on https://github.com/aristath/kirki (there’s a known bug on the “required” argument, currently it only works with buttonsets but will hopefully be extended soon enough).

    As for the Shoestrap theme mentioned above, it uses exclusively the customizer and is currently under construction. By that I mean that we’ve added all the options to the customizer and have started working on their implementation but some of them are not yet implemented in the theme.
    Just a heads up… it’s not bugs, it’s just unfinished business. :) Just like on the kirki plugin, you can contribute to this theme on it github repository.


  5. Anh Tran

    This is really impressive plugin. We have been working with Customizer for a long time but it seems lack of functionality, it’s quite tricky to add fields like radio image, button group, etc. Customizer will be the direction to go with, so I hope Kirki will attract more attentions from WP developers.


  6. Konstantin Obenland

    I always find the abstraction of WordPress APIs troubling, especially in this case with the Customizer API. It’s basically three method calls with a few arguments. Every time you use an abstraction as a developer, you lose know-how and make yourself dependent on that abstraction.

    I do applaud any efforts to provide additional high-quality custom controls for the Customizer however. :)


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