1. Ari Stathopoulos

    Exciting!! (and I would have never guessed)

    I can’t wait to see your articles. Congratulations Justin!


  2. Bob Dunn

    Sweet! Welcome to the Tavern, Justin. aI’m sure you will bring a lot to the site and conversation… congrats!


  3. Clifford Paulick

    Congrats. You da man! Many thanks for who you are and how you do you.


  4. Syed Balkhi

    Welcome to the Tavern Justin. I have been a long time fan of your work at Theme Hybrid and the Members plugin. Looking forward to reading and learning from your stories / experiences :)


  5. Tony Zeoli

    Hey Justin,

    This is fantastic news! I’m so happy for you.

    Like you, I’ve had a deep interest in journalism. I even worked at the Associated Press as a product manager and co-created the Reese Felts Digital Newsroom at UNC Chapel Hill to teach the next generation of journalism students the digital tools and techniques required for today’s news, including an intense focus on WordPress. It was there I founded WordPress Chapel Hill, which I ran for 7-years.

    If your passion is writing and journalism, then securing a position to write from experience about advancements in and the economy of WordPress is surely a great place to be. I’m hopeful WP Tavern focuses not just on the tech side, but also on the personalities behind some of the best tech in WordPress, as well as the economics of WordPress. I think WP Tavern fell a little short of connecting WordPress with opportunity and the business of WordPress – it’s there that needs some attention.


  6. Brian Krogsgard


    JK, congrats Justin. From mentor to frenemy it is, I see, I see. :)


  7. Ant Ekşiler

    That’s great to hear Justin! Yes, I have used your code various times :)


  8. Kyle Maurer

    Nice! Congratulations Justin! I’m sure you’ll make an excellent contributor and look forward to reading whatever you come up with.


  9. Kimb

    Wow, it was written in the Star(gazer)s …


  10. Carolina

    Congratulations :) How awesome to be able to combine your interests into one :)

    And congrats tavern too of course.


  11. Brajesh Singh

    You have been an inspiration since early days of the career. It’s awesome to see your dreams getting realised.

    Wish you all the best and hope that you will keep imparting the knowledge and inspiring like you have been doing.


  12. Dusan Milovanovic

    Congratulations to Justin and WP Tavern team, it’s win-win situation. As always, looking forward to learn something new from you.


  13. Jason Tucker

    Welcome! If you ever want to come and hang with us at WPwatercooler we’d love to have you one week!


  14. Brin

    Wow, surprised and very pleased! Well done, and long-live the Tavern! :)


  15. Denis Žoljom

    Awesome news and congratz :)

    Can’t wait to read interesting articles from a fellow reviewer :D


  16. KafleG

    Congratulations Justin :)


  17. William Patton

    Yes! This feels absolutely like the place you are supposed to be.

    I know a big piece of your heart is dedicated to the whole WP community and you will not just be telling us news – are going to be telling us stories that we remember for a long time.

    I look forward to seeing what the future brings here :D


  18. Kevin

    Congratz Justin.

    Looking forward to your posts :)


  19. Yehuda Levy



  20. Sky

    Congrats Justin!


  21. Abolfazl Ahani

    Salam. Welcome to the board Justin.


  22. Bowe Frankema

    Amazing intro, and congratulations! I’m sure you’ll make a great team with Sarah! Looking forward to seeing your articles and I’m hoping that it will also bring new energy into the community here in WPTavern (with some friendlier and more supportive comments as well!)


  23. David McCan

    Congratulations. It will be interesting to have your strong developer perspective on the topics and issues.


    • Troy Christmas

      Congrats Justin! I’ve used tons of your code and was a theme hybrid member. Just liked the way your brain worked.

      I remember years ago finding your “other” life as a writer. Hoping your deep commitment to WP continues to be rewarded.

      Looking forward to your unique perspective on all things WP and hopefully a few interesting diversions too. Nice to know the humans behind the code.


  24. Chuck Reynolds

    Nice! Congrats Justin and WPT team.


  25. Giuseppe Beghelli

    Great Jastin!


  26. Erik Joling

    What a surprise-move! But it makes sense. I have been impressed by the crystal clear way you write your documentation, your blog posts and book reviews.

    Congrats to you, the tavern and all readers :D

    Will you be traveling around as well? Hope to see you in Europe one day!


  27. Benjamin Lu

    Totally awesome, congrats!


  28. Matt Mullenweg

    Glad to have you help carry the tradition of this site into its latest chapter.


  29. Dave Romsey

    A perfect fit all around! Congrats, Justin and WP Tavern! Can’t wait to read your posts.


  30. Bryan Hoffman

    Congrats Justin and WPT. Great matchup.


  31. Anh Tran

    Congratulations, Justin! This is a shocking news and I’m very excited about your upcoming articles!


  32. Dinsan

    Congratulations Justin!


  33. Yogi

    Congrats on the new adventure Justin!


  34. Stefano Garuti

    Great news! Welcome Justin, I own your book, I read your articles, I learned a lot from you. I’m very happy you will be here. Stefano


  35. David

    Great news Justin, love the site and this gives me another big reason to keep an eye on the RSS feed. Good luck with it!


  36. Ciprian

    Can’t wait for a new and fresh perspective over WordPress. I assume the frequency of the posts will also increase.



  37. Sinisa Nikolic

    Congrats, now we know where you are! This is a perfect spot for you, as a blogger and developer.


  38. Gloria Antonelli

    Brilliant! I too have been a long time admirer of your code and posts about WordPress. As an WP instructor/trainer and user experience designer I always encouraged people to follow you. I remember your goals to be a write. Dreams do come true!


  39. Jacob Share

    Welcome aboard, and good luck on your mission, since you chose to accept it


  40. jonathan Denwood

    Great news, congratulations Justin!


  41. Steve Weber

    Welcome Justin 👏👍💪


  42. Guido

    Congrats Justin and The Tavern!


  43. Lenin Zapata

    JI am very eager to know what kind of articles you are going to contribute to this blog, I will be attentive, congratulations.ustin


  44. Rene

    Hi Justin,


    I am looking forward to your writings.

    Have a good time at the tavern.


  45. Sajan Kota

    Brilliant. I too have been a long time admirer of your code and posts about WordPress, congratulations Justin!


  46. Immanuel

    Wow…. Congratulations Justin!
    Welcome to the Tavern
    You have always been my inspiration since my early days. I’m so happy seeing you achieve your dreams


  47. Chris Lema

    Congrats. Excited to read your posts!


  48. shawn

    I usually lurk, but I’l lcome out the woodwork for Tadlock.
    Welcome aboard homie!


  49. Jamie Madden

    Congrats Justin! Looking forward to reading things from your perspective.


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