1. Aaron Hockley

    While only two of the modules are paid subscription services, there’s something else of value being provided to Automattic by Jetpack users: data about their sites.

    Has anyone analyzed what various bits of information are provided to Automattic by Jetpack users? I couldn’t find anything on the Jetpack site (or in Automattic’s privacy policy) that outlines what info is shared.


  2. Brad Dalton

    Jetpack support is “A’ grade.


  3. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Jetpack is a wonderful and empowers your WordPress blog with some Good features. Jetpack fulfill my most plugins need and provide me centralized controlling option. I really like it.


  4. Ronald Huereca

    Jetpack is one of those plugins that clients only appreciate when it’s not there (for example, a dreaded .com disconnect).

    I used Jetpack on a client site to provide stats, related posts, and the twitter widget. Boy did we hear about it when somehow Jetpack lost its connection to .com.

    I know lots of devs hate Jetpack, but I’m not one of them having seen directly clients reactions to the extra functionality, whether they realize it’s from Jetpack or not.


  5. Nil

    Each website I own / develop has jetpack installed. Very handy plugin


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