1. Kev

    This shows the complete disconnect in strategy of GB. These blocks aren’t connected to content writing, but rather page/template design.


    • Andreas Nurbo

      The whole point and end goal of Gutenberg+ is to become a page builder so that wordpress.com can better compete with Wix and SquareSpace.
      A better writing experience has never been the goal.
      Content and design are to become one.


  2. Kev

    Yes, i was not the purpose of this phase of GB.

    Matt’s vision for #Gutenberg has always always clear. ( See my tweet on Jan 9th where i defended that). But the VISION didn’t match the strategy of #Gutenberg lead @matias_ventura.

    See: https://ma.tt/2018/11/a-gutenberg-faq/

    “Users will… be able to build the sites they see in their imaginations.”

    – matt mullenweg

    “improve how users interact with their content while … giving developers the tools to create more fulfilling experiences”

    – @matias_ventura

    Site design and content creation are not the same! I’ve always been a huge fan of modular content and site building, but at a high level this is where the disconnect began. The tactical missteps, and the perception delta, are a result of the misalignment.


    • Otto

      What is the difference then? If I’m making a post, and I want to put an image in that post, then which category do you arbitrary put that under?

      If you think that people only want to type words and have everything else magically happen for them based on menu choices, then I will point you to the 2+ million page builder users out there.

      This isn’t about Wix. Please. This is about making WordPress useful to users so that these giant third party things aren’t needed. They can be used, certainly, but the existence of complex page builders does that there is a need for them. When we have people complaining about the interface of WordPress and it turns out that they’re complaining about some builder that they didn’t know was an add-on that came with the theme, then yeah, that’s a problem.

      Some people think that page builders are assumed things to install. That’s what this is about.


  3. Marcus Tibesar

    I don’t get it. Why is there a block for Related Posts?

    Before all we had to do was turn on Related Posts in the Jetpack settings.

    Now are we expected to add a block to every Post we write?

    Seems counterproductive to me and a whole lot more work…


    • Jeremy

      No worries! You can keep writing posts just like before, and you’ll continue to see Related Posts automatically added to the bottom of your posts.

      The block is only there just in case you ever want to display those related posts somewhere in the middle of your posts; you now can!


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