1. Peter Cralen

    So currently a Photon CDN, now sitemaps, if this will continue maybe in near feature I will try this monster ;)


  2. Steve

    It’s great to see JetPack gobbling up all of these other plugins that I often use, sitemaps and now a social menu. Soon JetPack will be the one plugin you need!


    • Peter Cralen

      If Jetpack will provide basic SEO – meta description for all page/posts + simple cache, and code snippet function or at least google anaytlics, it could be really one-plugin solution for many websites.


      • Greg Hyatt

        I agree with you Peter. I think if they would truly add just a bit more functionality, this potentially could replace the need for YOAST’s SEO. And if it can be used to qualify for Google News based on their standards, then why not take it to the next level.

        Now if WP would only develop their own branded version of a page builder that is close to Visual Composer, it would certainly create a more creative field for even better plugins by various developers.


  3. Sacha

    Jetpack is becoming too big! I think it was good idea when it first started, but this getting ridiculous. In ten years, Jetpack will have replaced every plugin in the repository.


  4. Greg Hyatt

    Actually, I am pleased to see Jetpack growing to new and exciting heights. Imagine the vast amount of plugins that people can un-install, thus reducing the amount of bloated code. Improved page load times, reduced amount of code to load plus added functionality.

    I see it as a win-win situation for everyone.

    Maybe next we can see JetPack’s own branded version of a page builder. Imagine the stir that would create!

    Thanks for sharing this with us Sarah!


  5. Greg Hyatt

    One also has to wonder, how well this ties into Google’s requirements. Almost worth testing out. Tried using YOAST’s sitemap with his plugin, and sadly I have actually seen a decline in my rankings.

    For some reason was by far better when using Google’s Sitemap Plugin.

    I think I will give JetPack’s a spin, re-submit sitemap to Google and see where it goes from there. Certainly have nothing to loose and quite a bit to gain!


  6. Nick Byrd

    Is there any reason to prefer the Jetpack sitemap feature to a sitemap plugin?


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