1. Flux Research (@fluxresearch)

    If you can combine centralized posting, as a first step in something more, with the Google Apps for Work integration, does that move WordPress.com closer to being a digital office of sorts or, at least, a homebase?

    Google Apps for Work integration:


  2. Flux Research (@fluxresearch)

    Add a private instance of P2 and you might just have something.


  3. Jeff Chandler

    Nope, won’t be using the centralized posting interface any time soon. I have two sites but much prefer the Editor view which mimics the front end view of content which I can only get directly in the editor. Now, if you can make it so that the Editor-Style CSS files can be loaded into the editor from anywhere, then we might have something.


  4. Laura

    I will look into it. If I can post with the bookmarklet on my browser, to WP.com and pick which blog I want the post and image to show up in – that would make life easier for me. I’ve yet to find a really great bookmarklet which posts direct to one of multiple WP sites.


  5. Paul Coughlin

    Although I like the posting from WordPress.com – this feature being available through the new JSON REST API – for creating a self-hosted central WordPress management solution would be super valuable.. that’ll keep me busy with something to play with now.. :-)


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