1. Daniel J. Lewis

    Thanks for exposing this feature! I usually don’t use JetPack, but I may to use this one thing.

    Have you looked at Widget Logic Visual? It’s a much easier version of Widget Logic. And it may still be more powerful than JetPack’s new feature.


  2. Steve

    I was very happy to find out this does not break “Widget Context”. I use that plugin extensively. The Widget Visibility Module seems to detect WC’s hook and leave the widgets alone.


  3. Marcus Tibesar

    Was surprised to see this feature enabled by default.

    I already had the plugin Dynamic Widgets installed so, I’d rather Automattic play it safe with this plugin and disable all modules by default.


  4. Martin

    Good to see this added to Jetpack, would rather see it added to the core though…


  5. Knut Sparhell

    @Marcus Tibesar

    I believe the policy is to enable a feature if it doesn’t change the appearance on front before any user action. You have to set the visibility for each widget for something to happen. I use the “Manual Control for Jetpack” plugin by Mark Jaquith to make sure nothing is enabled by default, but I haven’t had any use of it since Jetpack changed their policy. The current policy of Jetpack is ok with me.


  6. Christof Lehmann

    The update is a disaster.
    The lack of an appropriate response to the messup a catastrophe.


    After we updated this Jetpack update we experienced:

    1) all photos of our newspaper shown in full size
    2) the Top Posts and Pages field GONE
    3) the e-mail subscription field GONE

    and others report more issues….. so much to the disaster. Now to the catastrophe.

    Quality management.

    The very least one should be able to expect is that a reissue of the old plugin is sent out when people begin reporting serious issues.

    The only way to solve this – intermediately – is to deactivate Jetpack.. which leaves you (us) without vital statistics and in some cases – lost advertising revenue.

    Automattic and co should call all developers to quality assurance seminars. The should Beta Test properly so one avoids seeing 30 + support issues within 4 hours or less. It is a management question (problem) which will make many of us reconsider whether wordpress is an appropriate platform.


  7. Christof Lehmann

    You wrote
    “This plugin should work on the premise that anytime a widget is added to a sidebar, it’s viewable across the entire site where that sidebar loads. UI is added to the widget screen so that I can easily search or choose from the various template files that make up my theme to decide where the widget will be displayed.”
    I say
    “Don´t” It defeats the entire purpose and fundamental idea of the system. Which is that we decide for ourselves where to add, and not to add anything. Better focus on proper Beta Testing than fancy new ideas. What we need is a rock-solid, 100 % reliable and fast product. The entire wordpress scene is going over the edge in creativity.


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  9. Jeffro

    @Daniel J. Lewis – Nope, never looked into that particular plugin. I don’t use Widgets very much and so, sticking with Widget Logic made sense for me, despite having to know some conditional logic. Beware of Jetpack. It turns a bunch of stuff on by default. The new Widget Visibility Module so far appears to just exactly what I need and all I need.

    @Steve – That’s good to hear. That way, other Widget control plugins won’t end up conflicting.

    @Martin – I agree :)

    @Knut Sparhell – I was surprised to see Widget Visibility automatically enabled when I went into the back-end of WordPress. Granted, I was going to enable it anyways so having it enabled automatically was a nice convenience. I think that’s a good policy. If it doesn’t change anything on the front-end, it can be enabled by default.

    @Christof Lehmann – I pointed your comment out to multiple people and they responded that you have posted the same information in the support forums and a few folks have already tried to help you. I think it had something to do with your use of Photon on your site. Also, they do beta test the plugin and new modules before releasing it to the public, it looks like they happened to miss something interacting with Photon. I understand your frustrating of having a working site suddenly get broken due to a plugin update but lets not start things off with roasting the developer over an open flame.


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  11. Itamar

    The Widget Visibility module has yet to solve some important issues, i’m inviting you all to check out Power-Widgets that will make the tedious work of creating and managing a website’s custom sidebars much easier and simpler.
    Your Feedback and Ideas will be much appreciated.


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