1. Ciprian Popescu

    I have an entire business based on this plugin, including Stripe and PayPal payments. I have around 1000 paying customer.

    I sincerely hope that iThemes will keep developing and improving this plugin, without adding bloat or ads or too many features. The way it is now is perfect.


  2. Fernando

    I would love to see better (and easier) stylizing of the register forms.

    Without delving in the code and using custom css.

    Be able to 2 add columns to the fields , Add extra fields.
    Changing the styles of the buttons and fields to match the Theme, etc.

    Good luck


  3. Marcus T

    The change log for today’s update (Restrict Content Pro version 3.4.1) is blank. So we weren’t informed of this updates changes before they were applied (guess we are going to have to disable automatic updates).

    Additionally, releasing an update on a Friday afternoon, is not sensical. Your support team goes home at 5pm on Fridays. What happens if your update disables features on our membership website. We have to wait until Monday or back out of an update over the weekend. Please release updates at the beginning of the week, not at the end.

    Thank you RCP Team!


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