1. Piotr Małłek

    Am i the only one not hyped about Gutenberg? Yes, in comparison to the current/old editor it’s an improvement. However it’s far from what customers expect and already is offered by page builders like Elementor.


    • Miroslav Glavic

      by customers expect….what customers are you talking about in that generalization of all customers?


    • Gary

      It’s worth noting that Gutenberg is not intended to be a replacement for advanced page builders like Elementor.

      If you prefer advanced page builders, then Gutenberg benefits you, too: Gutenberg provides a base level page building experience, and the tools and widgets surrounding that. Page builders are able to build on top of that, which frees up their time to focus on building that advanced experience, instead of every page builder needing to spend time maintaining their own toolsets.


  2. Josh

    My thoughts exactly. It just feels like a half baked version of great page builder plugins already out there that have been doing it for years, drag and drop style, much more polished.


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