1. Chip Bennett

    Bob’s video about front page settings exemplifies why the TRT is so particular about Themes respecting the template hierarchy and user settings regarding custom front pages. Too many Themes don’t, which causes completely unnecessary confusion and frustration for end users.


  2. Shawn Hesketh

    Hey, thanks for the mention and for helping us celebrate the 8th anniversary of the WordPress 101 tutorial video series, Jeff! Grateful for you guys and the support you’ve given us over the years. Looking forward to seeing how the WordPress community continues to evolve and grow over the next 8 years… and beyond.


  3. Adrian Spiac

    Thanks for the mention! Hopefully it will inspire other developers to launch their own plugin.


  4. James Tryon

    Thanks for including my wapuu.

    Also, our camp got moved to Nov 12th & 13th.


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