1. Pete

    I love whT they are doing with the new press this. However, it is a publishing tool and should NOT be in core.


  2. Terence Milbourn

    Here we go rearranging the deckchairs again.

    Moving the ‘Press This’ bookmarklet to core?

    Oh come on guys, Puh-leeeees!


  3. Benjamin Intal

    Devs are embracing Github. wp.org should also embrace it, allow it to be an alternative to SVN.


    • Ryan Hellyer

      I agree. There are too many people choosing to host their stuff on GitHub instead of dot org. Providing a way to automatically pull from GitHub to dot org would be best IMO. Some people are doing this already, but a built in way to do it would be best, so that people don’t need to write their own scripts to do it for them.


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