1. Jesse

    Justin’s gotta be one of the most honest, under-appreciated figures in the WordPress community. He’s been making big contributions for over a decade now and still going strong… kudos, dude.


  2. Dano

    @Jesse you have captured it perfectly!

    Cheers & praise to Justin Tadlock and his core support members in the Hybrid Forum. I’ve been a Hybrid and Stargazer theme user for over eight years and I’ve never had such great, fast, patient & thorough support from the forums or developer of any other open source product.

    Hybrid 5.0 and Mythic are sure to be a striking and crucial change in theme development that will inspire current and future users, and also challenge other theme communities to “generation up” their own efforts.

    PS: Stargazer is the very theme used right here on WP Tavern


  3. Guido

    Although I’m not using one of his products myself, I always read articles about him and Theme Hybrid with great interest. Because he puts so much effort into building first class products. And always gives detailed background info about his products, which can be very helpful for users and other developers.


  4. Justin Tadlock

    Sarah, thanks for letting others know about the Hybrid Core 5.0 update. I’ve also published the Mythic 1.0 release. I just missed your post by a few hours.

    I really like where Hybrid Core is at and where it’s going. A lot of this was something that I should’ve done in 4.0 but didn’t quite have the requisite skills to do at that point.

    HC5 has been a big educational project for me. It’s certainly a humbling experience when you realize that you’re not quite as smart as you thought you were and need to bring your skills up to date. :)

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what folks build with this version of the framework.


  5. MR Hoa

    Hybrid 5.0 and Mythic are definitely a prominent and important change in theme development. Congratulations on your efforts


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