1. Ryan Hellyer

    Widgets Reloaded is an awesome little plugin. I was always surprised that Justin included it inside the core framework rather than recommending it as an addition. It never seemed to jive without Justin’s overall goal.


    • Justin

      It was originally built in the framework because I had a lot of users asking for extra widget options. At the time, it didn’t really occur to me to add it in a plugin. I’m happy they’re separate now.


  2. David Gwyer

    I’ve spent considerable time recently porting code from my theme framework into separate plugins. It was a hard decision but just felt like the right thing to do.

    I could have used the time to work on new features but chose to refactor instead.


  3. Matt

    I e-mailed Justin about this a while back but never heard from him. We’re building a paid plugin for this space that has a similar approach to his concept.

    Certainly a smart direction for portability and keeping the core light. Cheers to this!


  4. Trần Ngọc Tuấn Anh

    Great news! Hybrid Core is one of the best coded WP product out there. When I explore the code inside Hybrid Core, I see a lot of things to learn. Code is clean, well-structured. I always recommend this framework to everyone who wants to build a WP site.

    It’s glad to see the framework is improved like this. Good job, Tadlock!


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