1. Steve

    Unsplash is a small world 🙂

    We released a similar product about 2 years ago, and used exactly the same image: https://publishpress.com/blog/custom-requirement-publishpress-checklist/


  2. Tevya

    After reading this (and because I’m not a developer who could use this to make my own plugin), I searched to see if there was another similar plugin. I found one that’s very nice, easy to use, and very similar, called Pre-Publish Checklist. It includes the interface to add/edit the list that’s easy and straightforward to use. I was able to get mine setup and ready to go in a few minutes.

    It’s too bad they don’t include a screenshot of the checklist (in the Block Editor), but it looks quite nice, and fairly similar to this one. Plus has options for what to do if the list is incomplete and someone tries to publish the post: block publishing, just show a warning, or nothing at all.

    Note: I’m not associated with the creators of the plugin at all. I just opened this article hoping to find a solution to a need. When this proved an “almost” solution, I went searching for one and was really glad to find one that works great.


    • David Decker

      This plugin you are referring to was just released yesterday (!) and is from Brainstorm Force (makers of Astra theme for example). It works with Gutenberg AND the Classic Editor.

      Important to note: the checks are only in the list and you can add/remove/edit all check list items – which I love. However, they are not checked if it is really done. For example you have checklist item “Featured Image” but it does not check within WordPress if it is really setup.

      But still, for the most use cases this is totally enough, as often times content editors just need a simple reminder.

      Another benefit of this plugin: it so easy to use, everyone can get started with it and no developer is needed to add/remove or edit checklist items. Exactly what is the reality in 99% of use cases in my opinion.

      The solution from Human Made needs a developer with react skills….!


  3. Anh Tran

    The plugin is great and the UI for the checklist is nice. I hope it will have UI for adding/editing the checklist items. Doing it with code as described on Github might be overwhelming for many users.


    • Ryan McCue

      I hope it will have UI for adding/editing the checklist items.

      We don’t plan on adding any UI for dynamic items; if you need this functionality, we recommend using a different plugin. 🙂


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