1. Alexander Gounder

    We have been using Trello to manage and track various tasks for our WordCamp in Mumbai, so we create a Card (Allows us to vote/comment/add attachments) for each application on a list for speaker applications as they come in and track them, if rejected the card gets archived, if approved they move to lists where we plan the schedule.

    But this seems like a good Idea to try as well.

    Is this a plugin made available on the WordCamp Websites, if not you should recommend that it’s added…


    • Jenny Beaumont

      I love Trello for lots of things, but personally have found it difficult to use when managing talk submissions with so much information to sift through. It’s just not easy to look at. With the Idea Stream plugin, it’s just super fast and easy to navigate through and read and click to user bio’s, etc.

      Not available on WordCamp sites…yet? Would be awesome! :)


      • Alexander Gounder

        Yes this seems like a better way because on trello, we end up leaving a comment while we are discussing on email, further it becomes one more place to login and check.

        It would be really great if something like this could be added to WordCamp.org. You should suggest it on #Outreach or #Events Channel on Slack and see if this could be included on WordCamp.org


  2. Grégoire Noyelle

    I think that if you can use a WordPress solution instead, that the best. And in IdeaStream, you have so many usefull tools to rate, classify, export….

    It will be awesome to have it in the WordCamp Websites. No need to switch between websites and we can use all the informations already in place for rendering the speaker’s list at the end.


    • Alexander Gounder

      It shouldn’t be about whether it’s a WordPress Solution or not, but about whats a better solution for the task at hand. That said, yes this does look like a better tool for speaker wetting and selection.

      It’s a little too late in the day for us try it out for WordCamp Mumbai, Our Speaker call would be closing in a few days… But I’ve recommended other WordCamps here try it out this year.

      I think to have it in the WordCamp site itself, one just needs to ask, there are many tools and features that have been added over time.


  3. Karl

    Sounds like an interesting option, I’ll give it a try to see if I can figure it out. Thanks


  4. imath

    Thanks a lot for this great post Jenny, Sarah and WP Tavern ❤️


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