1. Rudd

    I started using WP since WP 3.0. And it’d great to see how’s the old versions of WP look like, especially the very first version of WP :D


  2. Len

    Guess I know what I’m doing tonight. :)


  3. Gerald Crawford

    Hi there,

    Does this mean that I could see what my website looked like this time last year before I changed some of my tags?


  4. Jeffro

    @Rudd – I wonder if it’s quicker composing a post in the very first version of WordPress versus what we have now. Talk about distraction free writing.

    @Len – Let us know how it goes.

    @Gerald Crawford – No. If you want to see what your website looked like in a previous state, I recommend using the Wayback machine. http://archive.org/web/web.php and search for your domain to see if there are any snapshots of your website from 2012.


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  7. Mathew Porter

    I might get stuck in with the first ever build for some nostalgia.


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