1. Steve Wharton

    Wow. How cool, elegant, and practical is this tip? …It’s so easy, even Steve can do it. Thank you for sharing.

    (And, yes, the community and folks at ThemeHybrid are awesome! A mere $29 paid annually to access support while helping Justin Tadlock’s effort of free themes, plugins, and overall WP contributions at ThemeHybrid.com is a bargain!)


  2. Jagst3r15

    Nice @ThemeHybrid shoutout :)


  3. Keith Davis

    I’ve got a feeling that once you’ve created the menu you can remove the # and the menu will still work but not show the top level “categories” menu item as being clickable when you hover over it.

    Just makes it look a little neater.


  4. Sami Keijonen (@samikeijonen)

    You can target that menu item with this CSS in child theme style.css if you want.

    #menu-primary li.menu-item-15916 > a {
    cursor: default;

    But I don’t mind the hand.


  5. Kevin Marchese

    On my Hybrid News theme, the menu works but the drop down menu pushes the page down. Any ideas?


  6. Hrothgar H (@HrothgarH)

    Soo the dropdown code is now included in core?


  7. Hector Garcia

    Actually I’m kind of lost. Are you using referring to Pages as the menu you are wanting the link to be displayed in here? Or can I pick a page from the pages listed in the menu to create the dropdown menu from as I only have one menu list of pages? I need to create dropdown menus for the different categories.

    Hector Garcia


    • Knut Sparhell

      Nothing to do with pages. The main menu item is a link with no URL, The sub menu items are taken form the Categories box. If you don’t see it, enable it in Screen Options at the top of the page.


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