1. Jeff Chandler

    Enjoyed the look behind the scenes at how some things were done. I like how users can paste links to games on specific platforms and trigger whether the icon for those platforms is displayed or not. Nice to see some cool custom blocks being built already.


    • Hendrik

      Yeah, I love it. Once you have the build process up and running it is all just a matter of spitting out a blocks like crazy.

      Personally I am a bit more proud on the “Background Pattern” block, as the potential to customize and structure the page is huge.

      If we would have wanted to do that before Gutenberg, it would have been a huge shortcode-mess. (Or a really messy, complicated hack into TinyMCE.)


      • B. Schuiling

        Are you thinking about releasing some of those more generic blocks to the plugin? It would be interesting to see some real-life coding example how blocks are being setup, even if it’s a simple one.


  2. Grant

    I think this is a great case study. I also admire how they quickly learned to “pivot” and use what will eventually be in core, which will make the whole process much better for their client and help with compatibility going forward.


  3. Hendrik

    Oh, and our next Gutenberg client page just launched.

    Gamescom is hell…



    • fwolf

      Apparently you never have been to it.
      But then, Messe München is not too much different from Köln Messe / Deutz.

      So lets face it: Systems has been hell, too ^_^

      cu, w0lf.


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