1. Lanardo

    I must say Gutenburg has come a long way, I personally have created multiple websites with only Gutenberg and a theme such as Kadence. It does require a small learning curve but once you have gotten your head around it, the builder is pretty neat. Nice read!


  2. Samuel

    I have so far either programmed my pages manually or used Elementor. Now, in the age of Gutenberg, I am a big Generatepress or Generateblocks fan. I’ve done a few projects with it and the setup is just all I need at the moment.


  3. Brandon Tan

    Gutenberg is many times better than elementor in terms of SEO.

    I previously created website using elementor but realized how slow it become.

    I’m in process of learning Gutenberg to migrate in the future.


  4. Norman Freeman

    I am happy that Gutenberg is evolving very rapidly, but I am also sad because it took 100+ versions and still not fully cooked. this should be the 100th beta version.

    The classic editor active install number is also kept on growing, so it’s still not accepted by the community.

    Also, if WP or Automattic doesn’t want to maintain Classic editor anymore, they should let community members take care of it. I mean there are pending issues and PR’s, let us handle the classic editor you can play with Gutenberg, let’s keep the option open.


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