1. Aaron

    I’ve been creating patterns and the process works really well. I can see it
    being very useful for clients to assemble pages out of sections or to manage a CPT with very little code. Do you think it’s too early to use patterns on client sites? Is there a risk much will change and the patterns I’m creating now will break?


    • Justin Tadlock

      Patterns should be just fine for use in production right now. Because patterns are just custom groupings of blocks, even if the Pattern API changes or old patterns are removed, any changes won’t mess up the content.

      This should go along with following good dev habits, such as checking if ( function_exists( 'register_pattern' ) ) , which is not yet officially a WordPress function. Other than that, I see no reason not to use patterns liberally at the moment.


  2. Gary Taylor

    Block patterns I have no use for yet – but if everything becomes a block I guess it’s best to keep an eye on how they develop ;-)

    What’s bugging me at the moment as I delve deeper into Gutenberg (about 70 versions too late) is the inconsistencies in how blocks are applied to HTML tags – and tags to blocks. For example:

    div.wp-block-image > figure.aligncentre

    Why not just one or the other? Audio and video are wrapped in figure tags, so it’s just ‘regular’ images that are different. Except that wp-block-media-text is also wrapped in a div tag, not figure.

    But then we also get perfectly good tables being wrapped in figure tags (figure.wp-block-table). And the verse block being a class in a PRE tag, of all things (and with no default styling in the Gutenberg .css file I looked at… I wonder why). It’s annoying because you have to look at how each block is formed in order to apply styles – you can’t assume they’re all div.wp-block-whatever or figure.wp-block-whatever.

    Or am I being overly grumpy (again)?


    • Justin Tadlock

      Rolling out consistent handling of block HTML is a rallying cry I can get behind. I end up having to write extra CSS code to handle alignments like you mentioned. I’d love for the team to pause for a moment from feature development and focus on these smaller issues that affect theme developers in the day-to-day stuff.


    • Riad Benguella

      Agreed that alignments are one of the biggest issues right now on the editor and we’re trying to find a solution.

      We have a solution but at the moment we don’t know yet how we can introduce it without breaking changes.

      We’ll make it work though.


  3. Asghar

    Is it recommended to install the plugin separately?
    It is also built with WordPress


  4. James Mota

    Please take care of the performance and speed standards of the new editor. I started working with him, themes, plugins and lighter and optimized resources this year, due to problems with other tools (you may already imagine which ones). With some blocks I am having good results. But with some third-party blocks, not always. Success in the project. It’s my wish. Many small professionals and businesses depend on it.


  5. Antony Smith

    Is it just me or does anyone else still find block navigation selection and insertion cumbersome and often infuriating. In particular in/out of the group block. There was some improvement with a high point being WP v5.3 however WP v5.4 has undone most of that and this v8 release of the plugin seems to be the worst of the lot


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