1. Ben Word

    Theme authors may be able to add custom gradients by version 6.8.

    You can do this with JS right now by updating the editor settings. For anyone wanting to completely remove the new gradients:

    wp.data.dispatch(‘core/block-editor’).updateSettings({ gradients: [] });

    …but this unfortunately still leaves the gradients panel. You can use the following code to remove it entirely:



  2. Marcus Tibesar

    Right on Justin.

    Hopefully, the Twenty-Twenty theme will be tweaked for the Gutenberg release that is included in WordPress 5.3…


  3. David Thrift

    Great post. Makes me want to explore Gutenburg more than I have already. I was one of those who was totally against change to start using it, but now find myself changing all my blogs over to it. I’m really lovinv the reusable blocks feature. That one thing alone makes it entirely possible to add one block to each post or page on your website where crucial info is needed to be displayed, and then in an instant make an update and basically update your entire website in one save. It’s amazing and has changed my overall blogging habits fir the better. I just wish that wordpress.com would make it easier to find your reusable blocks.


    • Jerome C Diehl

      I’m not sure how this applies to WordPress.com rather than Gutenberg as a whole?

      WordPress.com manages reusable blocks in the same way that core does, simply go to the block inserter, scroll down to Reusable Blocks, then click on ‘Manage All Reusable Blocks’.

      The Manage All Reusable Blocks link is also available from the editor settings icon too – ‘…’

      Hope this helps!


  4. Ciprian Popescu

    Why not create a button group, instead of these useless features. Button gradients can be done using CSS, they don’t need JS support.

    A button group, however, would be REALLY helpful, and I’m sure lots of developers agree with me when they are forced to:

    1. Use columns to add buttons next to each other.
    2. Use a plugin.
    3. Use some kind of CSS trickery/workaround.


  5. James

    I really like your post but I have found more interesting resources including this one deleted link while researching for the Gutenberg 6.7 release and I think it would be great if they introduce full theme support so that we can easily use gradients with other blocks as well.


    • Justin Tadlock

      James, I deleted the link you posted because it was a copy of this post with some of the words changed around. They could’ve at least used their own screenshots. :)


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